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Anupama 26 Feb 2023 Written Update; Vanraj think about anupama

Anupama 26 Feb 2023 Written Update Tellyupdates is Anuj wonders how his phone become drained. Maya feels scared. She tries to stop anuj by claiming that she has painkillers with her and that he is pain. Anuj walks out of the room while ignoring maya. Remembers her exchange with anuj. Anuj yearns for anupama. Anupama longs for anuj and anu. Anupama called by leela. She requests that you bring the offertory so that she can sit in reverence.

Leela was informed by Hasmuk that Anupama returned to her home. Leela is startled. She was upset when Anupama left. Leela claims that Anupama wants them to constantly beg and plead. Anupama on the Hasmuk side Hasmuk was informed by Leela that Vanraj and Anupama had been chatting last night. Leela is admonished by Hasmuk not to think past that. He asserts that he won’t permit Anupama to be in her shadow. Leela is warned by an enraged Hasmuk that if she ever tries to harm Anupama, he would show her where she belongs. Leela is frozen in place.

Maya has day-dreams about telling Anuj she loves him. Returning to the present, Anu gives Maya and Anuj a picture. She deems their photo to be good. They appear fine together, according to Maya. Anuj considers Anupama’s unreturned calls. He worries about how he will tell Anupama about things and considers Maya. Anupama ponders why she still feels restless after visiting the shrine. She believes she won’t be able to contact Anuj either. When she makes her way back to her home, Anupama is at ease.

In her conversation with Lord, Anupama suggests that Anuj and Anu may be missing each other in a similar way. In order to make Anuj and Anu happy, she decides to make accommodations for them. Anupama calls Anuj to find out how far they’ve come. Anuj’s call was put on speaker by Maya. Anupama was missed, Anuj, Anu informs her. Maya experiences envy. She cut off Anuj and Anupama’s phone call. Maya also informs Anuj that she is hungry and that they should stop for a meal. She looks for reputable eateries. Anu claims she is also hungry. Anuj is anxious that they must fulfil their commitment to Anupama and hurry home.

Vanraj considers Anupama. Kavya walks into the space. She is unaware of Vanraj’s confession. Vanraj queries Kavya about her destination. Vanraj is asked by Kavya not to enquire. Vanraj is also informed by her that Anupama left. Vanraj worries that Kavya might have overheard his talk with Anupama.