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Anupama 19th July 2023 Written Update; Anupama performs pooja

Anupama 19th July 2023 Written Update for you. Anupama goes on to explain how she miraculously managed to escape the airplane by listening to maaya’s inventive ghost and her heart. She claims she noticed numerous missed calls from the orphanage and when she phoned them back, she discovered CA was there. She claims this was a message from God that she had somehow reached her Bebli, and even Maaya wishes the same. She remembers Maaya’s spirit telling her to tend to her Bebli before departing, and she informs Anuj that when he asked what she was seeing at the ashram, she had been seeing Maaya.

She claims that she gave up her ambition of becoming a mother years ago when she was in the process of becoming Sweety’s mother, but that deep down she still wanted to be a mother. According to guruma a guru’s or teacher’s blessing can improve a teacher’s lot in life while a curse can end her totally. She had considered delegating control of the gurukul to anupama in order to pass away peacefully, but as long as she is still alive, she will not permit Anupama to live in peace. Instead, she will ensure that Anupama is totally destroyed so that neither Shah nor Kapadia can save her; they all witnessed a mother’s greatness and will now witness her destruction.

After some time, Gurumaa slaps and challenges CA again as Anupama puts CA to sleep. Her cheek is given warm compresses by Anuj. According to Anupama, gurumaa’s rage won’t go away with the pain. Anuj claims that while being upset is Gurumaa’s right, she has the right to apologize and should do so until Gurumaa accepts her apology. Anupama shouldn’t have come because MD won’t spare her, Vanraj informs the family at the Shah residence after remembering Malti Devi’s/MD’s rage. According to Hasmukh, the guru’s curse won’t be in vain. Guru, according to Kinjal, is not a guru if she curses her pupil. Whatever it is, Anupama will undoubtedly experience the guru’s curse, according to Leela. Kinjal is correct, according to Kavya, and she didn’t tell Samar about the incident either. Leela claims she performed well. Toshu agrees with Kinjal that MD was wrong to curse Anupama. Dimpy claims that MD suffered losses. Anuj will make up for her losses, claims Toshu. Any artist, according to Dimpy, wouldn’t put up with having their reputation damaged. Vanraj questions why Anupama came back after realizing her error.