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Anupama 19 April 2023 Written Update; Anuj reaches anupama house

Anupama 19 April 2023 Written Update for episode 896 begins with anupama dance with kid. When she dance one of other kid seen her performe the dance at outside. Suddenly anupama seen the kid, kid hide herself. Later all the family members of the kids return the anupama dance school. Bhavesh given drinks to kids parents. After that suddenly anupama went outside and speak with the kid who hide herself and performe the dance.

When anupama met the kid she feels tension and said sorry. Anu said it’s ok you can performe the dance well. After that unkown girl said to anupama please don’t informed to the my dad because she not allow to the learn the dance. Anupama said you dance well and if you want to learn the dance will you be my student. Kid smiles and suddenly said no and running towards to his father. After that little kid father said complete your studies and shell the green peas.

Anupama seen little kid performance the dance in front of her father. Anupama listen what little kid father said and said dance can learn everyone. After that anupama promises free education and dance lessons to a poor girl. Meanwhile pakhi outwits barkha and puts a stop to her wicked games.