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Anupama 15 September 2023 Written Update; Pakhi celebrates rakhi

Anupama 15 September 2023 Written Update. Leela queries Anupama about Malti’s activities at her residence. Anupama wants Leela to assess Malti’s health. Leela is contemplating what has transpired to her after hearing that Malti has done her a favor. Malti is questioned by Anupama about her address and the reason why she doesn’t recognize her. Malti turns to face Anupama. Anupama is asked to explain by Hasmuk. Anupama describes how she ran across Malti in the temple. That he destroyed Malti, she informs Nakul. According to Leela, Malti attempted to kill Anupama, but she is now in pain. Leela is told to stop by Anupama. Anuj thinks it’s a major deal that Malti dropped Pakhi off safely. Inspector arrives and searches for Romil. Romil makes an apology request. Pakhi drops her lawsuit against Romil.

Pakhi is questioned by Vanraj about her state of mind. To submit Romil to the juvenile court, Paritosh requests Pakhi. Pakhi speaks out in support of Romil. She demands another chance because Romil was only pulling a joke. Pami is thanked by Romil. Anupama approaches Romil and requests his pardon. Anupama has the ear of Romil. Pakhi decides to join the Shahs in celebrating Rakhi. Anupama invites Pakhi to continue. Samar and Paritosh embrace Pakhi. Anupama gives God praise for her generous gift.

Rakhi is celebrated by Hasmuk, Vanraj, and Pakhi. Paritosh and Samar. Romil said to Pakhi that he would do his best to treat her like a nice brother. Pakhi expresses her faith in Romil. Pakhi is an adult now, Anupama tells Anuj. Pakhi is called Anupama’s shadow by Anuj.