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Anupama 14 July 2023 Written Update; Vanraj father returns home

Anupama 14 July 2023 Written Update Episode for you on Anupama airplane took off and vanraj informs the family that she has already arrived at anupama. Leela claims that because the flight just took off she is unsure of how they would function without her. They must manage their own duties according to kinjal. Kavya expresses concern for anuj, who is responsible for choti anu duties. Dimpy learns from Barkha that CA ran while shouting for Mummy and collapsed. CA whispers to her mother when she is asleep. Anuj claims he will serve as both her mother and father. He thinks of Anupama and adds that he and she both miss her. He wishes that all three of them might have been present had she not been forced to choose her dreams.

He claims to have lost his life and that they are both one soul inhabiting two bodies. He is halted by Anupama. When Anuj claims that Anupama taught him to live, but not without her, he is asking how his daughter can do the same. Anupama queries whether she need to go back. She shouldn’t go back and give up her ambition, adds Anuj. He spoke from the heart. He collapses. In the background, a song called Kaise Kahoon Bina Tere Zindagi Ye Kya Hogi plays. Anupama calms him, dries his tears, and puts him to sleep on her lap.

The following morning leela prays to god for anupama’s safe return from america, the happiness of her family, and the return of hasmukh. When Hasmukh gets home, he confesses that he wanted to see Anupama off yesterday but was unable to. He thanks God for all that his daughter has done for the family and asks for continued happiness for her. His family is delighted to see him and accepts his blessings. Delivering sugar-free cream rolls, the delivery boy explains that Anupama instructed him to present them to Hasmukh the following day. They all need to control themselves and allow Anupama to work there in peace, according to Hasmukh, including Anuj and CA. Anupama demonstrated her affection for him even without saying a word.