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Anupama 1 August 2023 Written Update; Vanraj know the truth

Anupama 1 August 2023 Written Update begins with anupama and kavya have a very intimate and deep talk to start the day. Just like yesterday, Kavya keeps complaining to anupama about how helpless she is and how the family rejected her despite the fact that she always provided when necessary. She continues by saying that even though it took some time for her to feel at ease with the shah family, she still get gave it her all and did everything in her power to do so.

She continues by saying that despite her best efforts to establish herself as the ideal shah family daughter-in-law, None of shah’s relatives embraced her. Anupama a super powerful woman, responds by advising kavya to reflect on her life and self. She tells kavya unequivocally and completely that the shah family did not welcome her (Kavya) as a member of their family since she had destroyed anupama home.

and marital life. Anupamaa tells Kaavya that if it hadn’t been for her covert desire to covertly love Vanraj, and if she hadn’t been a housebreaker and marriage breaker, the entire Shah family would have embraced her. Anupamaa makes it very plain to Kaavya that she should stop using the woman’s card and the emotional suffering card when she talks about the emotional torture she endured as a woman.