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Akshu asking to abhimanyu what you said to abhir about his dad

Abhinav fallen on the hill and abhimanyu try to catches his hand but no use, don’t know what happen to abhinav. Later abhimanyu shocked to seen what happen in front of him. Akshara sit with abhir and crying. Abhir asking to his mom where did dad go. But akshu don’t says anything to her son and and thinking about abhinav.

At that time abhimanyu comes to akshara’s home and trying to says something to akshara. But akshara angry on him and asking abhimanyu don’t say anything to me and asking to abhir go inside. Abhir went inside the room. Later akshara asking to abhimanyu why have you come here, Grandpa saw you when pushing abhinav on the hills.

After that akshara says you might have taught me how to love, But abhinav thought me how to honour love. Also akshara said what did you do, First you took abhir from me and now abhinav, in future if abhir asks you where his father is what will you say. Abhimayu can’t say anything and listen silently and crying.