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30/1/1 Maths Answer Key 2022, Examination Analysis For Term 2

Last updated on 06/05/2022

30/1/1 Maths Answer Key 2022, 30/1/3, 30/4/3, 30/3/3, 30/2/2, 30/4/1 Mathematics (Standard) question paper code examination analysis for CBSE Term 2 (Basic +Standard). CBSE today organized the mathematics examination all over India. Here below provided the questions for today’s examination. To know more details about exam key visit official website

Here it is the question from 30/2/2 i.e A solid piece of metal in the form of a cuboid of dimensions 11cm x 7 cm x 7 cm is melted to form “n” numbers of solid spheres of radii 7/2 cm each. Find the value of n. Another question from 30/1/1 i.e a solid Metalic sphere of radius 10.5 cm is metlad and recast into a number of smaller cones, each of radius 3.5 and height 3cm. Find the number of cones so formed.