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059/1/4 Answer Key For Political Science CBSE Class 12th Term 1 Examination

059/1/4 Answer Key, 059/3/4 Answer Key published by CBSE Soon. Central Board Of Secondary Education Political Science today’s examination happens today. Here it is the some questions which is asking by board i.e Which princely state of India was the first to announce to remain as an Independent State?. Option is a). Mysore b). Ajmer c). Gwalior d). Travancore.

Another question is Why did India not join either of the two camps i.e Western Alliance Or Eastern Alliance During the cold war era?. Option a). India was afraid of both the camps, b). India was working for a third camp, c). India wanted to keep away from both the alliances. d). Both the US and the Soviet Union Were against India.

20th question is Identify the leader who was not a founder member of NAM (Non-Aligned Movement). 19th Question is With which country does India have a treaty that allows the citizens of the two countries to travel to and work in the other country without visas and passports.