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058/2/4 Answer Key : CBSE Class 12th Term 1 Economics Answer Key 2021-2022 Analysis

058/2/4 Answer Key Economics released soon by CBSE. Today Central Board of Secondary Education conducted Economics Term 1 exam for class 12th. Who appeared the exam check 1st question i.e Identify which of the following is an example of non-debt capital receipt. Option a). Financial aid from MNC for victims in flood area, b). Borrowings from International Monetary Fund (IMF). c). Recovery of loans from state governments, d). Dividend paid by State Bank of India (SBI) to the government.

2nd Question i.e Is the difference between value of export and import of services; transfer payments in a given period of time. a). Balance of trade b). Net Invisibles (Services). c). Trade Surplus d). Current Account of BOP. 3rd Question is not related with banking system. Option a). Bank rate b). Fiscal Deficit c). Credit Creation d). Cash reserve ration.

4th Question Which of the following item will be entered on the credit side of current account in Balance of payment of a country?. (Choose the correct alternative). a). Borrowing from abroad b). Import of Machinery c). Export of tea d). Foreign Direct Investment.