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055/2/4 Answer Key: Check CBSE Class 12 Term 1 Answer Key 2021 Paper Solution

055/2/4 Answer Key PDF download and verify solutions. Today CBSE Class 12 Term 1 Physics Paper Analysis, Answer Key provided here. Who successfully attend the respective examination and search for solutions verify the analysis provided here below and stay tune CBSE official website for regular updates regarding Class 12th Examinations.

Here it is the first question i.e A negative charged object X is repelled by another charged object Y however an object Z is attracted to object Y. Which of the following is the most possible for the object Z?. Option a). positively charged only, b). negatively charged only, c). neutral or positively charged d). neutral or negatively charged.

Another question is In an experiment three microscopic latex sphere are sprayed into a chamber and became charged with charges +3e, +5e, and -3e respectively. All the three sphere came in contact simultaneously for a moment and got separated. Which one of the following are possible values for the final charge on the spheres?.