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002/2/4 Answer Key: CBSE Class 10th Term 1 Exam Paper Solution 2021 Explanation Here

002/2/4 Answer Key, 002/1/4 Answer Key PDF download from official website. Here provided CBSE Class 10th Term 1 examination paper solution 2021/ explanation. Students attend the English examination and looking for question number wise answers check here and stay tune with official website for tentative or final answer key.

Here it is the question from 002/2/4 which is asking today examination i.e I Don’t see why you____ borrow his cycle. You have one of your own. Option a). should, b). could, c). May d). might. Another question is My family___ in Chennai for five year. Option a). Has lived, b). Has been Living, c). Had Lived d). Lived.

Another question is ___ the letter arrive in your absence, would you take like me to forward it to you?. Option a). If b). Could c). Should d). Might. To know complete CBSE Class 10 Term 1 English Exam Analysis provided here below. For more upcoming Central Board Of Secondary Education Class 10th, 12th follow zeal study web portal.